Specific product parameters

The module is designed to monitor products (i.e. Goods, Goods Variants, Unstocked Goods and Sources) according to all of their actual parameters. Based on the parameters filled out, even a less experienced employee can easily answer the customerís question, search for a substitute to the unavailable goods, print the product specification into the voucher, Ö

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Module characteristics

  • Arbitrary number of parameters
    Any arbitrary number of parameters can be monitored for each product. The list of parameters, the values of which are entered for a specific product, is given by the productís classification into a Product group.
    A type is assigned to each one of the parameters - it can be a numerical value, enumeration type or a text description.

  • Standard fields are module parameters
    The module is closely interlinked with the standard implementation of the information system. The module allows you to search by user-defined parameters, by product table fields as well as by dimension values.

  • Product group hierarchy - parameter inheritance
    The product groups are defined based on the values of the selected dimension. The product group hierarchy is defined by the dimension values of the Sum-from and Sum-up-to type - products of a subordinate group inherit the parameters defined for their superior group and add their own parameters.

  • Free search
    The search is carried out over a required Product group or across the entire system through any parameters.

  • Specific forms
    The module allows for the implementation of specific forms for the entry, view as well as search over a certain product group. The created specific form is incorporated into the module through the user settings - i.e. without any single change to the module.

    Module requirements in 1.00

    Navision version    3.01; 3.60
    Necessary modules    either one of Stock - basics or Sources - basics; Basic Dimensions
    Supported modules    Sales & Receivables; Purchase & Payables; Stock; Sources; Projects; More languages; Centers & Groups
    Objects used    the module uses object numbers in the range of 56000..56099
    tables  9 objects - numbers 56000.. 56008
    forms  33 objects - numbers 56000.. 56032
    reports  5 objects - numbers 56000.. 56004