The module provides a full support for the set-off processing function. It also provides tools for documenting the set-off of credit notes and invoices of a single customer or a single suppliers, as the case may be.

  Both program and user documentation on request

Module functionalities

  • Accounting of set-offs
    Prior to accounting a set-off, the potential matching of documents is carried out on the part of the customer and on the part of the supplier. This matching is performed using the standard function of the Navision system.
    The accounting of set-offs is carried out through an internal account. A different account can be set to be used for every combination of the Customer Group Account and the Supplier Group Account.

  • Simple set-offs
    Simple set-offs allow you to carry out simple things in a simple manner. They enable you to set off one customer invoice with one supplier invoice. The entire document is in one well-arranged form.

  • Full set-offs
    The full module functionality can be accessed in the full set-off documents. Any arbitrary number of customer documents as well as supplier documents can be set off in the full set-off mode.
    The module provides tools for the search for the potential documents for their mutual set-off. The module offers also calculation tools for the set-off settlement, i.e. for the suggestion of extent, to which the particular documents shall be closed-out.

  • Customer and supplier set-offs
    In case the user sets off the documents of only a single customer or only a single supplier with each other, the module provides a simplification of full set-offs - the customer and supplier set-offs.

    Module requirements in 2.00

    Navision version    2.00; 2.01; 2.50; 2.60; 3.01; 3.60
    Necessary modules    General Ledger - Basics; Sales & Receivables - Basics; Purchases & Payables - Basics
    Supported modules    General Ledger; Sales & Receivables; Purchases & Payables; Foreign Currencies
    Objects used    the module uses object numbers in the range of 72200..72279
    tables  2 objects - numbers 72200..72201
    forms  17 objects - numbers 72200; 72201; 72210; 72212; 72215.. 72217; 72220; 72222; 72225; 72226; 72230; 72232; 72234; 72235; 72240; 72242
    reports  7 objects - numbers 72200..72206