Advance Invoices

The module provides a full support for the advance-payment processing function.

  Both program and user documentation on request

Functional areas of the module

  • Journal of advance payments
    All types of advance-payment documents can be posted to the journal of advance payments. The method of accounting in the journal of advance payments is fully adjustable - for instance the advance invoices can be both posted in the off balance sheet accounts as well as only monitored in the Advance-Payment Items for information, with no impact on the account balances.
    The journal of advance payments includes the conventional functions featured by journals in the Navision information system, i.e. the optional settings for journal sheets, periodic journals,

  • Two basic types of the Advance-Payment Items
    The Advance-Payment Items are divided into two categories in the module. Namely to items of advance-payment records and items of the effect of payment and use of the advance payments.
    The aforesaid classification allows you to monitor in full the issued and effected advance payments as well as the subsequent use of the effected advance payments to cover the tax documents.
    The module fully supports general matching of advance documents - one advance invoice can be covered in several payments and vice versa. One payment can be partially used to cover more tax documents, and again vice versa, one tax document can use several advance payments.

  • Links to the financial journal
    The module is linked through the standard implementation of the Navision information system. The effected advance invoices can be posted in the financial journal, i.e. in the journal of payments as well. The settings of the advance-payment module will be used for accounting.

  • Support for both Sale and Purchase
    Information about the related advance-payment documents can be entered to both the purchase as well as the sale documents. During the subsequent accounting of the document, an automatic check is carried out as to whether the advance-payment documents have been paid and whether their amounts have not been used for other tax documents.
    The accounting of these inserted lines is carried out according to the settings of the advance-payment module.

  • Advance-payment documents
    In addition to the journal of advance payments, the advance invoices and credit notes can be issued in the more user-friendly environment of documents.

    Module requirements in 1.00

    Navision Version    2.00; 2.01; 2.50; 2.60; version 3.x is in preparation
    Necessary modules    General Ledger - Basics
    Supported modules    General Ledger; Sales & Receivables; Purchases & Payables; Foreign Currencies
    Objects used    the module uses object numbers in the range of 72100..72199
    tables  4 objects - numbers 72100..72103
    forms  28 objects - numbers 72100..72107; 72110..72113; 72115; 72116; 72120.. 72123; 72125; 72126; 72130.. 72133; 72140.. 72143
    reports  6 objects - numbers 72100..72105