Parametric Search

The module is designed for an automatic search for the best product substitutes. It comes in useful in all places where it is necessary to find quickly a substitute for an unavailable product, such as for Internet applications, telesales services or in case of retail sale.

  Both program and user documentation on request

Module Description

  • Open character of the solution
    In its standard functionality, the module allows you to search over the code lists of Goods, Sources and Goods alternatives. The solution specification, which describes all necessary steps to implement the module links to other code lists, is an integral part of the module delivery.

  • Links to the standard system
    The module functionalities can be accessed by users from all locations, where the user enters a product code. I.e. from both the sale and purchase documents as well as from journals. The user gets an opportunity to search quickly and from all locations for alternative products, which can be available immediately.

    Basic terms used by the module

  • Product classes
    One Product Class is assigned to every product kept in the system. This class determines the parameters to be monitored for the product, i.e. in case of t-shirts it might be their material, color and size for instance.
    The class definition also determines the exchangeability of the particular products - according to the admissible value range specified for the particular parameters. The final exchangeability is calculated based on the weight of the particular parameters - deviations in the least important parameters will have the smallest effect on the exchangeability.

  • List parameters as well as numeric parameters
    The parameters defined for the product classes can be both of numeric, as well as of list type. As for the list parameters, the class definition specifies the list of all potential values.
    The module enables the user to prepare simple and easy templates to be used when searching for the required product.

    Module requirements in 1.00

    Navision version    2.00; 2.01; 2.50; 2.60; 3.01; 3.60
    Necessary modules    one of the Inventory - Basics, or Resources - Basics
    Supported modules    Sales & Receivables; Purchases & Payables; Inventory; Resources; Jobs; More languages; Centers & Groups
    Objects used    the module uses object numbers in the range of 72280..72299
    tables  1 object - number 72280
    forms  9 objects - numbers 72280..72288
    reports  3 objects - numbers 72280..72282