JMarketing Lite

The module complements the standard Contact Manager module. It makes that module easier to use and provides the user with a more precise system of records with the prospective customers (interested persons).

  Both program and user documentation on request

Functional areas of the module

  • Activities
    The module is primarily focused on data addition for Activities. It allows you to monitor, if the activities are actually carried out by the users, who enters them and who changes them.
    At the same time the module includes support functions for an automatic warning generation - i.e. for activities arising from a system status change. A status change may involve the receipt of a customer order, for instance.

  • Management of performed contacts
    Every contact with a Prospective Buyer can be recorded by the module. The module defines terms such as Journey and Telephone Reports, which contain information about the contact that took place; they can also include information about the tasks for other company employees arising from the given meeting/dialogue.
    Tasks arising from the meetings are generated in the form of standard activities.

  • Management of contact persons
    The module makes the management of the customer contact persons much easier. It allows you to define the addressing of each person according to his/her language and his/her degree.
    At the same time it enables you to monitor important dates and anniversaries for the given person, from which it is possible to generate automatic warning messages or to mail the persons in bulk, as the case may be.
    For an easier definition of important dates, the complete database of Czech name days forms an integral part of the module.

  • Alternative company names
    Company names often include abbreviations. The module allows monitoring of all potential names of the prospective buyers, as well as their old names before any rename.
    When searching through the names of the potential buyers, the risk of finding no match - i.e. entering duplicity data - is reduced.

  • Complete ZIP-code database
    The complete database of Czech ZIP codes forms an integral part of the module.

    Module requirements in 1.10

    Navision Version    2.01; 2.50; 2.60
    Necessary modules    Contact Manager - Basics; Contact Manager - activity
    Supported modules    Sales & Receivables; Purchases & Payables; Centers & Groups; Salesperson / Purchaser
    Objects used    the module uses object numbers in the range of 72300..72339
    tables  4 objects - numbers 72300..72303
    forms  27 objects - objects 72300..72326
    reports  4 objects - numbers 72300..72303